Wee Wurri and The Woolly Hat of Power Picture Book
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Wee Wurri and The Woolly Hat of Power is a fantastic (and very funny) new picture book series for young readers (5-9 yrs).

Wee is a little alien who shows children the REAL POWER of SELF-BELIEF, and helps them to understand that anything is possible if you believe in yourself!

A Brilliant Bedtime Story...

Wee Wurri and The Woolly Hat of Power is the first picture book in the series.

Wee is a little alien who worries too much, he doubts himself and gives up far too easily. But one day he comes across something that will make him brave.

Not just brave, super-duper brave. It will even give him superpowers. So what could it possibly be, and will it finally help Wee to believe in himself.


Wee hasn’t ever seen the Shadow Monster, but he knows it’s there… watching him!

But will Wee Wurri master his fear of the dark to find out if the Shadow Monster is real or not? Perhaps his Woolly Hat of Power will help him on his quest...

Wee hasn’t ever seen the Hide Monster, but he knows it’s there, hiding under his bed!

Will Wee use his magical Woolly Hat of Power to help him overcome his fear 
and track down the scary (and very fast!) Hide Monster?

Batchley School Our School Wrote a Book

Our School Wrote a Book!

A brand new educational fundraiser run by Lee Harrison and Brave Little Books is helping primary schools to write and produce their very own ‘REAL PICTURE BOOK!’ Here’s one they recently produced for Batchley First School in Redditch.


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