Lee Harrison is a human who worries about everything.
“I can’t do that; I’m not good enough,” he says.
“I’m not trying that, it’s far too hard,” he says.
“What if something bad happens?” he says.

Lee also worries because he doesn’t want his children to worry as much as he does.
“I don’t want my children to worry as much as I do,” he says.

Fortunately, Lee is an incredibly funny (and witty) creative genius… Yes, he’s incredibly good at colouring in.

So he wrote and illustrated a series of super-duper picture books, to show his children that anything is possible if you believe in yourself (and if you don’t worry too much!).

“But what if my kids don’t like them?” he cries.
“And what if nobody buys my books?” he blubbers.

Perhaps Lee needs a few more tips from his own books…

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